Frequently Asked Questions

Who buys your items?

Teachers, homeschoolers, students, parents, doctors, nurses, geologists, entomologists, gardeners, history buffs, interior decorators and anyone interested in natural science and the unusual.

Where do you get your items?

Our items are all acquired legally from around the world.

All butterflies are farm raised or ranched. 
Many governments are teaching their people to raise insects for economic purposes rather than working in other industries (like logging) that deplete and destroy rainforests. Carefully gathered and exported around the world, these insects are one of the earth’s most plentiful and renewable resources. The farming of these insects has had a very positive impact on many of the indigenous tribes of the rainforest, allowing them to remain in their ancestral homelands.

We only sell insects that are legally imported into the country by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department.

All natural items, skulls, skeletons, insects, etc. offered by Wild Territory are legally obtained and can legally be sold according to the laws of the state of Kansas.

Tax exempt purchases

If you are a nonprofit or educational institution with a tax exempt identification number, please Contact Us prior to making a purchase and we will grant your account tax exempt status.