Three meteorites arranged vertically in a small black display box.  There is a white piece of paper on the left side of the box showing the composition and location of each of the meteorites.

3 Meteorite Display Pack (ID#2)

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Displaying 3 different meteorites from three different locations from around the world, this collection of meteorites can't be beat!  This 3 - pack of meteorites makes a great gift for any stargazer, rock collector or anyone who loves unique items! 

Stony Iron Meteorite  - This meteorite was found and collected by nomads in the Sahara Desert, Morocco. This meteorite fell to Earth between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago.  They have limited rust due to the dry desert conditions.

Iron Meteorite Fragment - (Campo del Cielo):  First discovered in 1571 in Argentina, this meteorite is thought to have fallen 4,000 - 6,000 years ago. Pieces found of this meteorite range in size from grains of sand to 35 tons!  This meteorite's average composition is  92.2% iron, 6.68% nickel, 1.12% cobalt and trace amounts of phosphorous, germanium and gallium.

Iron Nickel Meteorite Fragment - This meteorite fell to earth on Feb 12, 1947 in eastern Siberia. Observers saw a fireball with a 10 mile smoke trail and heard a deafening roar.  The meteor broke up several miles above the earth, creating a rain of shrapnel. It is composed of 93% iron, 5.9% nickel, 42% cobalt, .68% other (phosphorus, sulfur, germanium, iridium).

 *Each display pack comes with detailed info on each of the three meteorites.