A circular gray grenade with a brass pin on a white background.

Baseball Grenade (dummy)

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What a unique gift for the history buff or military inspired person!  Makes a cool paper weight or display piece and it's especially a great teaching aid to use in any history classroom to get your students' attention!

This is an inert grenade, which is also known as Practice or Dummy Grenade. The shape and dimensions of the grenade are the same as the real Baseball Grenade.  It was made from the genuine mold that was used by the US military and it is the exact copy of the USGI  grenade. It includes the replica head, ring and spoon assembly.

The "baseball" grenade, the M67, was the final fragmentation grenade issued to US troops in Vietnam. Lighter than its predecessors, it was hoped this would give troops using it the ability to throw it further. This style of grenade remains in use with U.S. forces today.