A black meteorite in a black box with a white backgound. A piece of paper at the bottom of the box reads "Genuine Meteorite" with information about it's origin and composition.

Campo del Cielo Meteorite - 40 grams

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Need a unique gift for that hard to buy for rock collector, geologist, teacher or anyone who appreciates cool, unusual gifts? 

This large iron meteorite is part of a meteorite known as the Campo del Cielo Meteorite.   Campo del Cielo was discovered in 1576 by members of the Spanish military, but the site was already well known to the local Indians before this and they probably used parts of the iron for their weapons. This meteorite is thought to have fallen 4,000 - 6,000 years ago. Pieces found of this meteorite range in size from grains of sand to 35 tons!  This meteorite's average composition is 93% iron, 6% nickel, .05% cobalt and trace amounts of  phosphorous, germanium and gallium.

Meteorite Dimensions:  Approx.  1 25"   X  1.25"   X  .5"