An image of the contents of the experiment kit, including several tubes, measuring spoons, cups, and a guide. In the top left is an image of the completed experiment.

Cool Blue Light Experiment Science Kit

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Chemiluminescence -  or "light from a chemical reaction", has never been this cool and fun. Explore and experiment to create your own cool blue light. Learn what makes fireflies glow, make bleach glow bright and more! 

You'll be amazed as you make a cool blue light appear in the dark!  Make a  "dirty"penny  glow!  Learn about how fireflies glow,  chemiluminescence  and the real quantum leap!

This science kit contains luminol mixture (5g), perborate mixture (5g), copper sulfate (2g), pipet, stirrers, scoop, spoon, cups, SDS (safety data sheet) and instructions. 

* Recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision.