The contents of the kit are displayed, including several bottles of chemicals, a pH test, several cups, and several measuring spoons.

Fizz Wizard and Jammin' Jelly Reaction Science Kit

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Eat, drink and learn with these incredible chemistry experiments!

Make soda pop and then make it change colors. Make polymer pudding. Create tasty gels and pull them from a solution you create!  And more. This edible science kit is as delicious and fun as it is educational. Learn about chemical solutions, acid-base reactions, indicators, pH, and gels.

Contains Magic Color Crystals (red cabbage extract), citric acid (1 oz), sodium bicarbonate (1 oz), calcium acetate (4 g), sodium alginate mixture (1 oz),pipet, stirrers, spoon, fork, small scoops, cups, MSDS and instructions. 

Food grade ingredients. Non-toxic and safe when used as directed. However, anyone with food allergies should not use this kit.

Kit includes 14 experiments that you can redo 2-3 times each.

Recommended for ages 9 and up with adult supervision.

Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Learn about chemical solutions in the 14 included experiments.
  • Discover the effects of acid-base reaction, indicators, pH and gels.
  • See if you can create different flavors by adding different food ingredients of your own.
  • Throw your own edible science party and have fun experimenting with this edible science experiments included.