U.S.G.I. Grenade  Vest

U.S.G.I. Grenade Vest

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Make your own ammo vest, fishing vest or bug out vest!

U.S.G.I 1980's issue O.D. Green nylon vest.

Designed to hold 24 hand grenades. Vest has 20 pockets for 40mm grenades and 4 larger pockets at top of the vest for pyrotechnic grenades.

OD nylon with snap front mesh nylon on shoulders and chest.

Each pocket measures approx 3 3/8" tall. Pockets are tapered 1 3/4" wide at top down to 1 1/4" wide at bottom. Each pocket is open at top and bottom. Complete with heavy duty snap flap for closure.

Mesh back with nylon pull strap.

Condition: New

Size:  Medium  --  Chest size 39 to 42 inches